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Cookie Policy

BitiQ uses "cookies" in collaboration with its Website and services to obtain information. Note that "we ", "us ", and "our " at BitiQ have the right to update or revise this Cookie Policy at any point. . When adjustments are made on the Website, they take effect immediately. By using the BitiQ website, you accept every portion of the Cookie Policy and any future updates and review them frequently by continuing to use the Services.

Note that you should immediately cease using our Website if you do not accept the terms of the entire Cookie Policy or any part that does not satisfy you.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your device that allow BitiQ or a third party to recognise your browser or IP address. A cookie could let the BitiQ website to recognise your browser, while another cookie could store your personal information or online preferences. Note that some parts of our Website may not work as designed without cookies. Some features may not work at all without cookies.

Cookies should be used for a variety of reasons. Some of these include: 

  • Enhance the user experience by providing specific information ;
  • Measure your interactions and actions on the Website;
  • Keep a record of your login credentials on the Website.

How To Manage Cookies

Most browsers allow you to set how cookies are used. Most browsers also allow you to clear cookies and your browsing history. You may need to expressly remove or disable cookies on the Website if you don't want to use them. You may allow, block, or delete existing cookies on your device by setting preferences in your browser. Due to this, it is possible to lose track of the Website's offers and services if cookies are disabled.

Cookies Used In BitiQ

Permanent Cookies

BitiQ may place cookies on your device via our Website and services. This action is vital for the effective functioning of our Website. The permanent cookies are set up to track activities that protect against fraudulent activities. They account for a Service request, including modifying your privacy settings or forms filling online.

Third-Party Cookies

We may also allow our third-party business partners to collect information about your online preferences. This process is done to recommend suitable advertisements based on your online activities. BitiQ uses third-party cookies, including Google Analytics, Cloudflare, and Google Optimize, as part of our policy. Any of these services may also set cookies on your device.