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What is BitiQ?

BitiQ is a unique platform that connects traders and trustworthy brokers worldwide. Based on your preferences, experience, and location, we will transfer you to the best brokerage service. Many of our affiliate partners provide an interactive interface, auto tools, demo features, and much more. And guess what? You can trade a variety of assets, including Bitcoin, altcoins, forex, gold, and oil. Just make sure the broker's services comply with the cryptocurrency regulations in your country and invest only what you can afford to lose. It’s time to start your crypto journey today!

In a world divided by mass crises and ideological controversies, there is one thing to help us drive our New Year's resolutions for a financially better world. To embrace the world of cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology are here to fulfil their promises to bring decentralised finance and equal access to investing opportunities. You don't want to miss out on this revolutionary financial opportunity. You are probably wondering why. Here are a few reasons you should know.

  • Bitcoin trading has taken the world by storm, and its fellow altcoins are here to revolutionise the world beyond the financial sector. Let's not forget that BTC reached an unprecedented all-time high of $64,800 in 2021
  • Ethereum and its competitors are constantly improving the smart contracts and DApps ecosystem. The Ethereum blockchain alone supports over 3,000 dApps
  • Projects like Decentraland, on the other hand, are here to bring the metaverse closer to the common folk. Believe it or not, there are more than 18,000 daily active Decentraland users, even though it's still at the early stages.
  • And of course, meme coins like Dogecoin are making complete crypto newbies 5-6 figures while providing unique trading opportunities. Just a tweet made DOGE value surge 9,884%+

We know: investing has never been so exciting!

With the official BitiQ platform, you can also enter these financial markets of the future. We ensure seamless and user-friendly solutions to help you get started. Register today and start trading with our partners for as little as $250.

Why Cryptocurrency Trading

"I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like changing the world." - Peter Thiel

  • Because centralised financial agencies have to step back and allow us to create a financial world based on transparency, low fees, and trust. 
  • Because the time of passive income has come to an end, and it's trading that can potentially help you generate notable benefits. 
  • Because despite the volatility of the crypto market and the risks involved, cryptocurrency investing provides better opportunities for retail investors than the stock market or any other traditional investment.

Why Trade via the BitiQ Software

Easy registration process: 

With BitiQ, there is no entry barrier for anyone. As long as anyone is willing to learn and trade Bitcoin, and other assets, registration is easy. We easily connect with you with reputable brokers providing trading services. One significant advantage of using BitiQ is that you can join our community even without prior knowledge or trading skills.

Trustworthy brokers:

To help you potentially make good profits from the cryptocurrency market, we partner with some of the most reliable brokers in the world. You can easily open a trading account for free and get transferred to the best broker in your country. 

Although we accept customers located globally, access to our website does not mean that the broker's services are regulated within the country's jurisdiction. 

Low initial deposit: 

For only $250, you can start trading via the BitiQ platform. Only a few trading platforms offer you such an opportunity, and BitiQ is committed to helping you make the most of it, no matter your income range.

Just remember to invest only money you can afford to lose, or if you are a beginner, trade alongside your full-time job.

Variety of tools: 

Our partner brokers offer beginner-friendly tools, education materials, easy-to-understand charts, and demo features suitable to help initial investors understand trading. Experienced traders can access the different auto trading solutions available on the platform. Interesting right? Yes! We think so too.

However, note that using a trading robot may be unstable for beginners. Also, remember that software's past performance does not necessarily mean the same for future results.

100% safety: 

With BitiQ, your privacy and transparency are 100% safe. We do our best to protect all the trading data hosted on our platform with multi-layers of SSL protection and novel algorithms. 

Though we receive advertising fees for our services, we will never share your personal details with third parties or potential investors without your consent.

Mobile trading on the go: 

Thanks to the BitiQ app, you can take your trades with you anywhere you go. Invest in Bitcoin even from the comfort of your home!

How to Start Trading with BitiQ

Getting started on BitiQ is 100% hassle-free. Even if you have no trading experience, BitiQ has made it simple to register and begin live trading. Just follow the simple steps below, and you will be on your way. 

  • Open a trading account in less than a few minutes. 

Opening a BitiQ account is as easy as ABC. You can sign up for a free account in only a few minutes while we send your personal details to our partner brokers for verification. We are committed to directing our users to the best brokers in the investment world. It's 100% fast, safe, and accessible.

However, due to extremely high demand, registration on BitiQ might close soon as there are only limited spots available.

  • Fund your account:

Once you are verified, you can familiarise yourself with the trading platform offered by our partners. After that, you can activate your BitiQ account with a small deposit of just $250. You do not have to bother about funding with thousands of dollars or taking a loan to start. 

The most exciting thing about funding your account is that you can transfer through your bank, wire transfer, or fund using your debit card. We have made the process very simple for you. You would not have to worry about failed transactions or any funding issues. 

  • Start trading: 

As soon as funding is confirmed, you can start trading immediately. Whether you prefer Bitcoin trading, forex, or want to buy and sell commodity options, BitiQ is here for you. Our partners offer a variety of assets to expand your portfolio. 

If you are a beginner, we strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a professional financial advisor or start with demo trading. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and you can lose money. Invest only money you can afford to lose.


BitiQ is a platform that connects traders to the most reliable brokers in their country of residence. We are not brokers or financial advisors ourselves. Our affiliate partners compensate us at no extra cost to you regardless of your trading results. None of the information on BitiQ should be considered investment advice.

We do not guarantee you instant profits by using the BitiQ platform alone. The results presented above are exceptional. Your trading outcomes may vary based on different factors. Bitcoin trading is a risky venture. As much as you can make insane profits trading Bitcoin, you can also lose money. Trade only money you can afford to lose. If you are a beginner, we suggest that you consult a reputable financial advisor before investing or start with demo trading.

Ensure that you familiarise yourself with your tax liability and local rules and legal restrictions. In the UK, the distribution of CFDs has been banned by the FCA as per PS 20/10. We do not support any unregulated trading activity. Do your own research and consult a professional to limit poor investment decisions.

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